Game Objective

The objective of this drinking game is to create a stimulating interaction between single men and women in an open friendly environment. Today, communication is lost due to advancement of technology (email and texting). The questions (In Da Head deck) are strategically developed to ignite conversations on topics that will provide a blueprint of individual's belief system. This is critical because the inner and outer description of an individual will be on display. When alcoholic shots are introduced (To Da Head) the mood changes from a serious tone to an outrageous comedy show but the theme never dissipates because "A Drunk Always Speaks Their Mind"

Why should you choose In Da Head To Da Head

This is an extremely addicting icebreaker game for any social gathering in a private and comfortable setting. It is a two part game for non-drinkers and drinkers. If you and your guest do not desire to drink alcoholic beverages only play "In Da Head". If you all enjoy alcohol experiences include all decks or only use the "To Da Decks". You and your guest will experience enjoyment and laughter at new levels. We recommend that everyone drink responsibly and know your limits. When you tell people about your unforgettable experience with this game remember the name is "In DA Head - To Da Head", not "In THE Head -To THE Head".

Game Concept

  • The target audience are single people from 21 years old and up
  • A Drinking or Non-Drinking Card Game
  • 2 Part Game (In Da Head and To Da Head Deck)
  • Ice Breaker for Single People. Questions or Actions that will surely spark conversation

In Da Head

  • The In Da Head deck will be for both men and women
  • The questions are intended to get inside the head of each person
  • This deck does not require drinking but it sure does spark interesting conversation
  • Example of a question: Do you think there are more unhappy marriages than there are happy marriages in the world

To Da Head

  • There are two "To Da Head" decks (one is for the men and the other for the women)
  • The card requires a person to make a choice. Either perform the action on the card or drink
  • Some cards are explicit but very fun
  • Example of a not-so-explicit action for the women: Hump the guys leg to your right

How to play the game:

  1. Sit in a circular position (male, female, male etc)
  2. First person rolls the dice
  3. If dice lands on # 4, 5, 8, or 10 select IN DA Head card (Everyone must discuss the topic)
  4. If dice lands on any other number select the designated To Da Head deck (male Studs deck Female Queens deck) Do the action on the card or take a shot (Do not let anyone see the card if you decide not to do the action place unseen card back into the deck.)
  5. If you roll LUCKY # 7 pick any person to go "To Da Head Deck"

If NO drinks are involved:

  1. Discuss "In Da Head" topics only
  2. Each person must discuss the topic


Stay tuned for In Da Head To The Head "Couples Edition" coming summer of 2012!

Drink Responsible and Know Your Limits

*The Host, Game Creator, or Seller are not responsible or liable for any actions during or after playing this game. Know your limits!